Record success drives nuns to change label

The  Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, had their first chart hit on a small label. Their second was on Decca.

Their latest is with Sony. There’s a bidding war out there and the nuns are winning.

What’s more, they are getting more applications than they can handle from young American women who want to join the order.


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  • If I remember correctly the nun who wrote and sang the international folk song hit in the nnineteen sixties “Dominica” (remember it?) sometime in the seventies or early eighties committed suicide when she found out that the charity group home that she was affiliated with would have to close because it lost its government funding. I am blaming clinical depression, not “Dominica” but when one becomes famous it is very hard to deal with failure. Yes, the nuns need to raise funds to support themselves and support their charity programs but handling fame and fortune requires training, especially for those whose philosophy and training involves being modest

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