Now British Airways bumps an accordion

Now British Airways bumps an accordion


norman lebrecht

February 06, 2018

Passenger care on the flag carrier goes from bad to worse.

Ksenija Sidorova bought an extra seat for her expensive accordion.

On boarding the flight, BA stewards ordered her to put in in an overhead bin, presumably because the seat had been sold twice over.

This is either larceny or piracy.

Vueling’s Alex Cruz is killing the airline.




  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    Perhaps they thought she was going to squeeze the pilot to death.

  • Been Here Before says:

    Yup. It’s definitely not fair that they asked her to put the accordion in the overhead bin.

    But life is not fair in general. It’s really not fair that somebody gets to be both so attractive and musically talented as Ksenija.

    • SVM says:

      I suppose “Been here before” also feels it is “not fair” that musicians have the temerity to complain (and the means to publicise their complaints) about how their instruments are treated by airlines?

      Given how far the scales are rigged in favour of airlines (uniquely among modes of transport) — massive tax breaks (cf. Chicago convention) and virtually no liability for damage to passenger’s possessions (cf. Montreal convention) — I think they deserve all the vituperation they get (and more!) when things go badly for a musician (remember, being “musically talented” is no guarantee of wealth: notwithstanding the serious risks and the value of the instrument, many musicians feel, rightly or wrongly, they cannot afford the lost income/reputation if they cancel an engagement/tour because the airline refuses to convey the instrument in an appropriate manner).

      • Been Here Before says:

        Hey SVM – take it easy. My comment was well meaning. It is totally all right if the musicians want to complain against the airlines. But life is often not fair in general and we all have to learn to get along. I have never heard of Ksenija before, so her complaint at least brought her one new fan. What an adorable and talented lady!

  • Joan Grauman says:

    Sad!! I am always scared to death traveling with my cherished accordion. Southwest has treated us well, thankfully.

  • Anon says:

    Without further evidence or comment, it’s possibly a bit much to assume that the additional seat purchased was actually taken by another (additional) passenger.

    • Una says:

      I quite agree. More safety so as not to have loose luggage – as is the norm. Doubt if it were for another passenger. I used to just put my violin in the overhead locker.

  • Bill says:

    Yeah, I’d like to see some evidence that the accordion had to go in the bin because they had another passenger for that seat, despite the proper purchase of a ticket for the accordion and correct check-in. I wonder if the reason the accordion was sent upstairs was that the flight crew did not feel it could be adequately secured in the seat. A polite inquiry as to WHY the accordion had to be stowed overhead is conspicuous by its absence.

    • Una says:

      Would be the same if you put a bag on the seat for take-off, paid or not. Simply not my secure enough if the plane were to lunge.

  • sue says:

    You need to brush up on your airline policies; many of them do overbook and there’s NEVER any guarantee of a seat. Remember the famous image of the doctor being forced off the aircraft, bloodied and dragged, about a year ago? Apparently he was offered a couple of thousand dollars to get off the plane and refused. But do keep up to speed with the antics of airlines when you are an Economy passenger. Read the ‘fine print’. It’s an education.

    • Una says:

      They’re all different but BA was always one of the better ones for upholding safety regulations and taking no chances yet flexible.

  • Save the MET says:

    Did she threaten to play “Lady of Spain”? If so, I would have bounced her instrument as well.