Ireland’s Got Talent launches with singer, 82

Watch Evelyn.


Sign her, someone!


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  • How lovely thanks Norman. What a novelty to see a genuine human being for once. A very difficult song. And a very quiet audience allowing the performer to hold the stage.

    • Very sweet. But when I consider the malice thrown at Susan Boyle on this site, when she had as much “genuineness” as this lady and had had a much harder life yet had hung on to a dream because she had a voice — untrained but rather remarkable — I wonder yet again at prejudices. Is it because this one sang Sondheim (approved) and the other sang ALW (despised)?

  • Come off it. I loved Susan Boyle. Cowell and his gang were disgusting. Don’t make stupid assumptions.I wasn’t even reading this site when Ms Boyle won.

    • It was not you I was alluding to – it was the enthusiasm of the blog. Susan Boyle’s first audition, which I saw on You Tube, is one of the most touching things I have ever seen. But she has been the subject of considerable malice on this site.

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