UK cellist wins US post

UK cellist wins US post


norman lebrecht

January 17, 2018

We hear that Eastman has appointed Guy Johnston to its vacant teaching position.

Guy, 36, is a former BBC Young Musician of the Year.


He leaves quite a few disappointed high-calibre contenders in his wake.


  • Luigi Nonono says:

    This is an outrage. The USA has a vast number of top-flight cellists, many among the best in the world. There is no way that they could not find someone equally or more-qualified for this rare position. We have too few teaching positions in this country to be giving them away to foreigners, particularly those from nations with state-supported music institutions! I don’t care how good he is. And these days, Europeans are no more informed about their musical traditions than we are. American musicians have to protest these appointments. The federal government should reject any visa requests. He is hardly uniquely qualified for the job.

    • tif robinson says:

      ….and this comment underlines exactly why small minded America needs talented, cultured and more than qualified Europeans to lead the next generation of talented artists toward horizons above and beyond the US’s own back yard perspectives. Eastman clearly knows this.

  • William DeRosa says:

    Guy is a terrfic cellist. He also happened to do his studies at this school. He is a wonderful choice and well qualified. Many of the major conservatories in North America are filled with people that have no business teaching anyone. This is a welcome addition and kudos to Eastman to have the wisdom in hiring this person .