Philadelphia Orchestra turns into football fans

Only in America.



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  • I detest the skepticism here. And yes, in America, local orchestras have civic pride for the local teams’s success. Other orchestras have embraced the success of their local sports teams without derision. The CSO for the Cubs and the Blackhawks. The Kansas City Symphony for the Royals’ World Series appearances. And the local orchestras often have friendly bets between them during the finals of various sports. The Philadelphia Eagles have only made it to the Super Bowl two other times in history. I think it’s fun that the Philly Orch are embracing the team’s success!

  • Orchestra participation in the community celebration is good for audience building and makes them seem less elitist. It also gets press coverage and inclusion as city asset, or entertainment destination. Necessary for survival these days.

  • Can we expect to hear a counter-point from Andris Nelsons and the Boston Symphony?

    (for SD followers who don’t follow American football, the underdog Philadelphia Eagles are going up against the powerhouse, Boston-based New England Patriots in the Super Bowl on Feb. 4)

  • I’ll take “America” to include Canada, as it often does in UK parlance. Kent Nagano has a Montreal Canadiens jersey in his office, or did the last time I looked (which was a while ago).

    • I remember that he conducted a small group of chorus for the national anthem before the game (on the ice but no skate shoes).

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