An Israeli conductor is exposed as a boy molester

Then journalist Asaf Harel in Haaretz has exposed one of the most respected teachers and conductors in Israel as a persistent predator on teenaged boys.

Harel, himself a former student of the conductor, says Menahem Nebenhaus was a revered figure at the elite Telma Yellin School and across Israeli musical life. He has collected testimonies from a number of former students. Some incidents were reported to the school and to the police, but no judicial action was taken.

Nebenhaus conducted the Telma Yellin school orchestra and took it on tours in Europe. He also conducted the IDF orchestra, the Ra’anana Sinfonietta and others.

He has not responded to the report.

You can read and watch the report here (in Hebrew).

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  • If they don’t get him for the gropings, someone should look into a penalty for that rendition of “Fascinating Rhythm”.

    • Yet, clearly, “gender” is not being eliminated; it’s merely not being noted on birth certificates.

      …Which brings up the question of why some people are so desperate to make their political point that they’re willing to misrepresent facts.

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