Maazel’s Sacre bassoonist has died, at 62

The bassoon world laments the passing of Bruce Gbur, a versatile player in many orchestras who once recorded Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring with Lorin Maazel in his home town, Cleveland.

Aside from a hectic playing and academic career, Gbur founded Prairie Dawg Press and Mountain Lion Press, issuing more than 200 scores, ancient to modern.

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      • The headline above can only be understood as Mr. Gbur having played principal bassoon in said recording. If this has not been the case, the formulation is a disservice to the deceised, and not someone else’s attempt to set the record straight. I never had the pleasure to meet Mr. Gbur, but I remember reading many of his posts on the former IDRS list. I always was fond of his signature line which read “The older I get, the less gladly I suffer fools.” RIP.

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