Stuttgart opera will move into the city’s post office

Stuttgart opera will move into the city’s post office


norman lebrecht

November 28, 2017

While the Stuttgart Opera House undergoes four years of innovation, the company will move into the city’s parcels sorting office.

It’s the best location available, they say.

And Amazon has anyway taken over most of the parcels business.


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  • John Groves says:

    When DB eventually finish rebuilding the railway station, in about twenty years, the city will be worth visiting again!

  • William Osborne says:

    I love the auto correct: “While the Stuttgart Opera House undergoes four years of innovation…”

    • Max Grimm says:

      I love that auto-correct’s “innovation” is more appropriate than Norman’s presumably intended “renovation”.
      According to the linked article, the company will use the next 4 years (2017-2021) to run cost analyses and develop concepts and plans of how the former parcels sorting office can be transformed into its interim performance venue.
      Best case scenario with everything going as envisioned and planned, construction on the interim venue is scheduled to commence in 2021, with a forecasted completion date in 2023.
      It is only after this, that work on the actual opera house is scheduled to begin, sometime in 2023. There is – as of yet – no approximate timeline of how long the renovation will take.

      • William Osborne says:

        Yes, 50 million Euros to turn the Post Office into a performance space. Definitely some innovation required in that. And 400 million to renovate the house. And if recent history is any indication, we should expect major cost overruns.

  • William Osborne says:

    Also, I’ve always sort of liked the plain, straight forward simplicity of the houses in cities like Stuttgart and Frankfurt. No grandiosity, just good opera and creative programming well performed.

  • Anon says:

    Amazon has done what? Amazon is not in the parcel transport business.
    Amazon sends them.
    Deutsche Post transports their parcels to the receiver. Duh.

  • Sue says:

    Will this be the space for “post” modernist operas?

    • Leo says:

      They have no problem paying these renovations, yet pay their artists relative hunger wages.
      And it’s a state institution.