Mikhail Pletnev is taken off plane and rushed to hospital

Mikhail Pletnev is taken off plane and rushed to hospital


norman lebrecht

November 04, 2017

The Russian pianist and conductor was removed from an internal flight to Omsk on Thursday night and rushed in an ambulance to hospital.

Pletnev, 60, has been kept in hospital for investigation of a possible heart condition.

His personal grand piano was sent ahead to Omsk and awaits collection.



  • Bruce says:

    Via Google Translate, it looks like they suspect “pre-infarction.”

    Via the internet (http://www.gpnotebook.co.uk/simplepage.cfm?ID=-1341784035), “Unstable angina is defined as recurrent episodes of angina on minimal effort or at rest. It may be the initial presentation of ischaemic heart disease, or it may represent the abrupt deterioration of a previously stable anginal syndrome.

    Unstable angina is also described as crescendo angina, preinfarction angina, and intermediate chest pain syndrome.”

    Sounds like something that should be paid attention to.

  • Nick says:

    Let us hope this is just a preliminary scare. Pletnev is unfortunately a heavy smoker. I wish him well and a speedy recovery.

  • Mark Mortimer says:

    I wish him well- a very talented man- despite alledged recent indiscretions.

  • Analeck Kram-Hammerbauer says:

    Take a good rest in Thailand and you will get fully recharged.

    • Nick says:

      That is an utterly foul and horribly sick reference to an issue that never got as far as a court even after Pletnev had endured several months of investigation and absolutely false allegations. Shame on you!

      • Bo says:

        How so? Dude has a holiday home there…

        Incidentally, if you’re gonna go there, it’s apparently not only in Thailand there have been allegations but also in Russia for decades, these rumors have been mostly kept inside the country though.
        So, I’m gonna say: yes, innocent till proven guilty. However, where there’s continuous smoke there might be some fire.

        Despite this, fantastic pianist!

        • Nick says:

          “Dude” gives a pretty good idea of your sentiments! Public smoke does not always mean fire. Deal with facts!

          Fact is he was never formally charged. Fact is he was permitted to leave the country several times. Fact is his bail was almost zero compared to anyone accused of the offence you are alluding to. Fact is in Thailand the offence is extremely serious, involves automatic confiscation of passport and bail set so high jail becomes almost inevitable.

          Fact is in Thailand he could have settled the issue before it even became public. Fact is, as he stated, he chose to clear his name and returned as is required in Thailand for several bail renewal hearings over several months at his own cost. Fact is that at the end of that process there was no case to answer!

          Who on earth with his reputation would go through all those months with worldwide publicity and what must have been utter hell and the potential damage to a major career when it could have been quietly ended before it began? That makes zero sense.

          Besides, it is clear you know little about the other facts relating to the case. A lot of the material remains on the internet. If you still insist with your “continuous smoke there might be some fire” theory, rather than insidious and petty innuendo I suggest you prove it! After many months, Thai prosecutors could not!

          • harold braun says:

            Fact is….everybody ,also in Russia knew what was going on there.Nevertheless,fantastic pianist and conductor

          • David Nice says:

            Conspiracy theories always abound, but the one which says that Putin offered intervention on certain terms is bound to ring true. I make no comment on it but the case was certainly never properly resolved. Pletnev hasn’t been welcomed back to the UK to my knowledge, but that’s no loss as his conducting is weird and erratic. As a pianist he can be (could be, I don’t know about now) phenomenal.

          • Nick says:

            I like your comments Nick One
            Pletnev is a genius and we all
            Pray that nothing serious happens to his health.
            It is true that Pletnev was never proven guilty of any crime. And there many nameless boys and girls who want their moment of fame, but
            THERE IS ONLY ONE PLETNEV. God bless him!!

          • E. Turner says:

            People like James Levine,Charles Dutoit, Spacey and others …check it out!

  • Nick says:

    Yes, a fantastic pianist and conductor. But like others Harold Braun makes insinuations with no facts to back them up. Who knew “what was going on”? Be specific please and stick to facts – not sickening and insulting innuendo!

  • Rob says:

    Such a great pianist, possibly the best that has come out of Russia in the last 30 years.

  • doremi says:

    I am listening at the moment to pletnev ‘s Scriabine Preludes OP11….on YT…
    That is all tha tmatters to me!

  • Don Roberts says:

    I don’t care if the guy likes doing chickens. His Tchaikovsky piano #2 is unbeatable, although Yuha Wang comes close.