Lincoln Center Summer Festival is no more

The independent and often quirky event has been folded into the center’s general programming under artistic director Jane Moss (pictured).

Official version here.


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    • Don’t know how old Jane Moss is, but she has been at Lincoln Center for 25 years now. Profile of her appears in today’s N Y Times.

      • I would like to know her favorite soups and what kinds of light bulbs she uses. (Olassus: she’s been around in high-profile arts programming for a very long time.)

      • It is wrong when people in these privileged, subsidized posts go on past retirement age, as if entitled, blocking opportunities for others to move up. (Worse when posts are merged, as here.) There are laws against doing so in many places for this reason.

        It is usual for public figures to have a public profile. The person we are discussing obviously should be listed on Wikipedia, with all the details that that normally entails. Being a public figure lessens your right to privacy.

  • Yes, just who are her people??????? Amazing how everyone now seems entitled to personal information…and those willing to give it quite freely.

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