Top French quartet replaces its violist

The Quatuor Ebène has named Marie Chilemme as its new viola player.

She replaces Adrien Boisseau, 26, who quit suddenly after two years to pursue a solo career.

New lineup:

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  • Quite a musical family. Her brother is a well-established violinist and their father an accomplished singer and choirmaster. More power to their collective elbow.

    • Hello Mr. McGuiver,
      Just to add a little information about Marie Chilemme, her mother who has been the brain of building Guillaume and Marie’s musical career is been a piano teacher at the CRR in Toulouse for at least 33 years.
      I believe she should be mentioned too.
      Veronique Grange.

  • I’m also very Happy for Marie, she is a fantastic violist and The Ebene SQ have recruit a great musician, wishing them the best and long life to their colabaration together. DM

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