Oxford students can now study for free with soloists

The cellist Natalie Clein, who is artist in residence and director of performance at Oxford University, has called in six top soloists to teach there every fortnight.

The new teachers are Alexander Janiczek, Katharine Gowers, James Boyd, Hannah Roberts, Katya Apekisheva and Anna Tilbrook.

In principle, any student can turn up for a one-on-one tutorial, subject to availability.

That ought to blow a few cobwebs off one of the fustiest music faculties.


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  • I don’t know why you describe them as ‘fusty’. When we have been in Oxford we have attended free lunchtime recitals, (take your own sandwiches and eat while you listen), from some of their performance students. It has been a real privilege to hear them, amazingly high standard and anyone can attend. That’s not fusty!

  • Good also that Oxford University offers music students £275 a term including travel, for 1-1 lessons with a teacher of their choice e.g. from London conservatoires.

  • My son had lessons paid for at the Royal Academy of Music by Oxford and instruments lent to him. How ‘fusty’ is a Faculty which has a module on ‘hip hop’?

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