Heresy: They are playing caged football in the Church-without-Musicians

Every since we broke the story of St Sepulchre’s, the National Musicians Church, telling musicians they are unwelcome, signs have appeared of a civil war in London churches between traditional Anglicans and Evangelicals.

The battle has just taken a nasty new turn with a salvo from St Sep’s former director of music, Andrew Earis, describing how the church’s mission is being traduced.

Dr Earis writes: Gradually, PCC members left and were replaced with those from the new ministries. The “Henry Wood” meeting- and rehearsal-room was re­­styled the 24/7 prayer room. And the church was used for a whole host of new activities, including a not­able youth event with caged foot­ball in the church nave. Many felt that this was deeply unfaithful to the legacy and history that had been inherited.

Read his full article here.

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  • I’ve never heard of church planting before. It sounds bizarre. According to a letter in this weeks Guardian the correspondent was horrified that a bunch of evangelicals had taken over his church and applied for planning permission to remove a wonderful organ to give them more room for their band. The barbarians are at the gate, all over the world.

    • Yes, it’s a rather prosaic euphemism for installing a new congregation of ones own type in order to give a new mission to the church. I’d say it’s more of the Japanese knotweed variety than anything fragrant or blooming.

    • Absolutely hilarious, Ted!!!

      “Caged football” reminds me of being in Vienna: public spaces reserved for this, with wire cages about 15′ tall surrounding it and “freedom” scrawled on the outside. Now, THAT’S hilarious.

      • Are you booking Innsbruck for 2018, if so look up Innsbrucker Festwochen and join Friends to get the discount. I book the lot and now that Bishop Brennan has relived me of my tiresome duties on Craggy Island I can attend the Schloss concerts too. My friends Roman & Nora have just had a delivery, I will be sending one of Mrs Doyle’s Christmas Puddings to Innsbruck along with a Romper suit for Hanna.

        The other festival I like is Melk in May just a week of baroque, I stay in a Monk’s cell courtesy of Prior Wolfgang!

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