London Opera Players founder has died, at 96

The death is reported of Elisabeth Parry, a member of Britten’s English Opera Group and founder of the London Opera Players, a group that flourished from the 1950s to the end of the century. She nurtured six generations of singers, some going on to international careers.

Among her proteges were Anthony Hopkins and Josephine Veasey.

Full obit here.


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  • I sang for Elisabeth Parry many years ago when I was starting out as a young singer. A remarkable lady, the likes of which will never be seen again in today’s climate of young talent. You felt she really cared.

    I also went to see Josephine Veasey last week in a home in Petersfield, when I was in London for the week at the Proms. Now 87 herself, as is Heather Harper who I went to see, and coping with the whole business of old age and wheelchairs. Jo taught me for about twenty years, and Heather in between for about six years, and they were both my teachers and friends, and helped me enormously in my career.

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