Fraudster opens sanctuary for musicians

Fraudster opens sanctuary for musicians


norman lebrecht

September 07, 2017

The criminal history of Barrett Wissman, co-owner of IMG Artists, is well-known to Slipped Disc readers.

Wissman pleaded guilty in 2009 to defrauding a pension fund of the state of New York. He stayed out of jail by paying a $12 million fine and blowing the whistle on his associates. He got to keep the ranch in Montana

Now, he is trying to whitewash his past by turning the ranch into a summer refuge for artists and musicians, according to a release from his PRs.

Turns out you can fool all of the people all of the time.

Read the sanctuary news here.



  • Brian says:

    I was just wondering recently whatever happened to his Tuscan Sun Festival, in Cortona, Italy. The promotional language for this Montana fest looks quite similar.

  • Nik says:

    Anyone remember the Vilar Floral Hall?

  • I thought this man was a business genius who also valued his own cultural heritage.

  • Don Hohoho says:

    It’s very description is full of political/social agena, hardly neutral at all. But I love the idea of a sanctuary, heaven knows I need one.

  • jmoe says:

    Only know about him from this Looks like he’s trying to clean his life up a bit?

  • Clark Kent says:

    His aunt loved him so much… she sued him for ripping her off. Great guy!