Washington musicians cut the Opera some slack

The DC Federation of Musicians has given the Kennedy Center and Washington National Opera a year’s extension on the current agreement with the Opera musicians, with some minor adjustments.

‘We were cognizant of the Opera’s need to fill the leadership vacancy created by [Executive Director] Michael Mael’s departure,’ said Orchestra Committee Chair Peter de Boor. ‘We hope that the additional year will give the Opera some breathing room, so that the opera season cuts we conceded in previous agreements will turn out to be only temporary.’


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  • Peter, it never happens. Always a reason for you guys to play for free.

    Agree to it and suffer. Insist and grow.

    Tom Wardlow, I been there and know.

  • top management t both KC and opera are paid 100s of thousands of dollars to manage the place properly.why dont they. konradine

    • Last time I checked, top mgt of Washington Opera was $160,000/year.

      Top management earns salary by getting music as cheap as possible.

      Top Mgt is probably doing very well getting musicians cheap, but it’s up to musicians to demand more or work cheap.

      That’s what unionism is all about.

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