Singers pay tribute to deceased New York agent

Singers pay tribute to deceased New York agent


norman lebrecht

August 14, 2017

In memoriam Bruce Zemsky.

Nino Machaidze:

11 beautiful years together 💖 Not only my wonderful manager, but my sweet friend, incredibly special person, part of my family and part of my life 💖 This was Bruce for me 💖😔 The person that believed in me from the very first moment, person that has been with me in every important moment of my career and my life, the person that together with Alan always protected and supported me in every step of my career, the person with whom we could just talk about life and about funny things for hours, the person that did for me soo much and has been for me like second father 💖It’s exactly how he was calling me “Mia adorata figlia” 💖😔 We had special relationship and I still can’t believe i will never hear his voice anymore and will never meet him anymore 😔 I cried for whole day 😔 I have been and will always grateful that life gived me the possibility to meet Bruce Zemskyand i will always grateful for everything he did for me 💖 You will always in my heart and in my mind Bruce 💖😔 We will miss you 💖😔

Rolando Villazon:

Bruce Zemsky, my first agent to whom I owe so much, has passed away. I will always remember his smile, the warmth of his heart and his love for opera and voices. His time on earth was fruitful. He will always be loved and missed. Thank you always, my dear Bruce.

Jonas Kaufmann:

After a short serious illness, my manager and friend Bruce Zemsky left us. Together with his business partner, Alan Green, Bruce has been closely involved with me since the beginning of 2001 and has contributed significantly to my career. The Australian Opera Company will devote today’s performance of “Parsifal” to Bruce Zemsky.
Jonas Kaufmann.

Nach kurzer schwerer Krankheit ist mein Manager und Freund Bruce Zemsky von uns gegangen. Zusammen mit seinem Geschäftspartner Alan Green war Bruce seit Anfang 2001 eng mit mir verbunden und hat maßgeblich zu meiner Karriere beigetragen. Die Australian Opera Company wird die heutige Aufführung des “Parsifal” Bruce Zemskywidmen.
Jonas Kaufmann

Anita Rachvelishvili:

I miss you! I miss you terribly! Bruce Zemsky was an amazing human being and a good friend!
R.I.P my dearest Bruce! I miss you so much!
Ciao mio caro! Ti voglio tanto bene ❤️

Nelly Miricioiu

In my life I have few people that hold a special place in my heart. Bruce Zemsky was such a person who I loved both for his warmth and our shared passion for music!
We lost a very special friend!
Bruce together with Alan Green heard me in Europe and that moment was the beginning of a special friendship and my career in USA!
They understood my artistry and support me both as an artist and as a friend
It’s a sad day for me as I know it will be for many other artists and colleagues!!
Bruce dedicated his life to music and people!
He left too early,he was only 62 years old!
Rest in pace dear Bruce and thank you

Massimo Giordano

It was very sad to hear of the death of my friend and agent Bruce Zemsky. He was the one who, with Alan Green, stood by me during the very difficult moments of my career.
Thank you Bruce, may God help you find happiness and peace. You will be missed!

Hibla Gerzmava

It was very sad to hear of the death of my friend and agent Bruce Zemsky. He was the one who, with Alan Green, stood by me during the very difficult moments of my career.
Thank you Bruce, may God help you find happiness and peace. You will be missed!

Ramon Vargas

Con profunda tristeza he recibido la noticia del fallecimiento de Bruce. Después de casi 25 años de colaboración nos decimos adiós. Bruce era un trabajador incansable, amaba las voces y a los artistas. ¡Que descanse en paz! Un abrazo en donde estés Bruchito…

Ramón y familia

Alfredo Daza:

When I was around 22 years old, I met a man, that offered me to be my agent.. I will never forget our first travels and your artistic even sometimes economical help in those first years.. Rest In Peace dear “papa gringo” #BruceZemsky , thank you for believing in me..

Kyle Pfortmiller:

I’ve been broken-hearted since I received the news about the death ofBruce Zemsky. He and Alan Green have meant so much to me since 2003. I feel as if any tribute I try to pay to his kindness and heart and passion toward the art form and towards singers will be feeble and pale. So, instead, two quick stories of why I will miss him and why he means so much to me.
Story 1:

I would often joke after an audition that if things didn’t go well, I could become a garbage collector (a long time inside joke with a HS friend). I’d say they had great comp and benefits and a strong union. The last time I said that – over a decade ago – Bruce stopped me in my tracks and said, “What? Kyle, don’t joke about not being in this business. Now get in the cab. It is about to rain. We can talk on the way to the office.” Still makes me smile.

Story 2:

Bruce would often ask me before I went into auditions – right before – “Are you ready?” But when I had my MET stage audition he looked me straight in the eye and said, “Kyle, this is what you’ve been waiting for. You are ready for this. Just go do what you do.”

These moments have been ever imprinted on my psyche. Simple, direct, passionate, and uplifting. And they speak volumes about who he was.

I want with all my heart for this post to be about him because, quite frankly, he spent his life making it about us – the singers he represented. And yet, it is the artist he has helped me become that I hope and pray may be a portion of his legacy.

Thank you, Bruce. For everything.



  • Ludovic Tézier says:

    Bruce is gone. What an unfair calamity. One of those who works in the anonimous shadow to put the others in the glorious light. One of the best. Sad to lose your discret presence among us noisy people. Sad for you were a rare and secret person. Sad for our small world that, as the big world itself, needs desperately humble and hard workers like you. We will miss your “autumnal smile”, and your friendly voice soft like your beloved “bossa nova”. Farewell good man.
    Ludovic Tézier

  • Marianne Cornetti says:

    I was deeply deeply saddened and shocked hearing the passing of Bruce Zemsky. HE WAS A GREAT HUMAN BEING, A GREAT FRIEND AND A GREAT MANAGER! He along with Alan built my international career with love and enthusiasm, theatre by theatre. I will forever be grateful for Bruce’s love and his honesty and his care for me! He was like a family member. I will forever hold you close to my heart and will never forget your dedication to me as a person and as an artist.
    Marianne Cornetti

  • Tichina Vaughn says:

    Bruce Zemsky was my very first agent straight out of the Met Young Artist Program. We shared a love of opera and Oleta Adams. Last year he sent me a video of a pop song that he wrote and we had hoped I would get a chance to sing it for him. I’m incredibly sad to hear of his passing but also incredibly grateful to have been a part of his life. Even when we didn’t work together, we remained friends. His lovely, giving spirit will be sorely missed. Rest in peace great warrior!

  • Helene Kamioner says:

    In all the years since I met Bruce 40 year ago at the Kennedy Center, he was never wet behind the ears….he was sharp, witty, full of piss n’ vinegar, a wry sense of humor and was a very shrewd and clever businessman. He never let anything get in the way of his goals. I will always, always remember him for his passion and the fire in his belly for the business he was so devoted to, as a lover to a lover. You will remain in my memory forever. Your indefatigable, vivid personality will be missed, and remembered by all those who knew you. Thanks for all the fun we had. I hope Alan will keep the business going, and as your twin as tous le monde affectionately called the two of you, your empire will be in good hands.