The Candide overture as never blown before

This new version for two melodicas is being circulated by Jamie Bernstein, the composer’s daughter.

It’s weirdly effective in an ear-wormish kind of way.

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        • The only name I read in this news is a certain Jamie. The only person I see a happy man. Then you tell me Jamie is the name of the daughter and the man playing melodica is not Jamie. Jeez, I am too stupid to not to misunderstand.

          Actually, the only scenario I could imagine was: Bernstein’s daughter is a transgender? Nothing is impossible nowadays …

  • I have theory: either they are twins or its same guy playing both parts with overdubbing and video editing. I see a slight division in the center of the picture. Please comment if you think I have been drinking too much cheap French vino.

    Of course everyone has heard this excerpt (followed by another group playing Rhapsody in Blue)

    PS: Bernstein’s daughter is name Jamie and she obviously provided the video to Norman and is not one of the performers, IMHO.

    • I think your theory is right. I didn’t notice it at first, but after you mentioned it, I can see a clear division in the center. Note the discontinuity in the pattern of the wood grain on the table.

  • Caution! This guy’s videos are addicting- he’s such a superb musician who makes it all look so easy.

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