The Candide overture as never blown before

The Candide overture as never blown before


norman lebrecht

July 25, 2017

This new version for two melodicas is being circulated by Jamie Bernstein, the composer’s daughter.

It’s weirdly effective in an ear-wormish kind of way.


  • Analeck Kram-Hammerbauer says:

    How can this man be Bernstein’s daughter?

    • Phil B says:

      Because that’s her name, duh!

      • Phil B says:

        Sorry, didn’t check the pic first…doesn’t say she’s one of the players.

        • Analeck Kram-Hammerbauer says:

          The only name I read in this news is a certain Jamie. The only person I see a happy man. Then you tell me Jamie is the name of the daughter and the man playing melodica is not Jamie. Jeez, I am too stupid to not to misunderstand.

          Actually, the only scenario I could imagine was: Bernstein’s daughter is a transgender? Nothing is impossible nowadays …

  • Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    I have theory: either they are twins or its same guy playing both parts with overdubbing and video editing. I see a slight division in the center of the picture. Please comment if you think I have been drinking too much cheap French vino.

    Of course everyone has heard this excerpt (followed by another group playing Rhapsody in Blue)

    PS: Bernstein’s daughter is name Jamie and she obviously provided the video to Norman and is not one of the performers, IMHO.

    • eric (nyc) says:

      I think your theory is right. I didn’t notice it at first, but after you mentioned it, I can see a clear division in the center. Note the discontinuity in the pattern of the wood grain on the table.

  • M2N2K says:

    Obviously, Bernstein’s daughter is not performing here, but just circulating, as NL stated. Here is a little bit of Le Sacre – .

  • Cyril Blair says:

    If they were playing this on a street corner I’d definitely toss a dollar in their bucket.

  • Wurtfangler says:

    He isn’t one half of ‘The Melodica Men’ – they have done a great West Side Story medley too:

  • Wurtfangler says:

    *he is – not he isn’t!

  • GAB says:

    Caution! This guy’s videos are addicting- he’s such a superb musician who makes it all look so easy.