Russian orchestra is stopped by German police

A tour of Germany by the St Petersburg Chamber Orchestra was stopped last week in Cologne.

Police inspected the orchestra’s bus and found it unsafe, with damaged brakes and missing wheel nuts.

Forced to leave the bus, the 40 musicians were shuttled to their next destination in small vehicles.

Report here.

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  • Should we love the cops for saving the ensemble? Or should hate then since they are germans? Please let me know the instructions, because I’m almost chosing the first option

    • The Cologne police is famous for its musical concerns, so it would be wholeheartedly advised to choose the first option. The second is too much of a cliché anyway.

        • Dear, I’m asking (?) After the headline posted here, since I was in doubt about the “between the lines” of the author. Let’s talk straight. I’m italian and my grandfather and the holy family were fighting in the same side of Wermacht, for the good or probably for the worst. I don’t thing I hate any micro ethnicity, but I’m sure I’m not against german people at all.

      • They had to check the Russian’s missing nuts, as you may know to lose one nut is unfortunate, to lose more is downright dangerous. Think of all that bus crash recently over there, it went up in a ball of fire.

      • Russian transport vehicles are notoriously badly maintained, EU law states that police must ensure foreign non-EU vehicles comply with road safety regulations. The accident rate in Russia is grim and I have seen many pile ups. They are worse drivers than Italians and Belgians.

      • Mr.Borstlap, I’m sure you would choose option 1 as much I do. I was never in doubt about your and mine option.

    • While I’m not absolutely certain, I believe the orchestra in question is not the “St Petersburg Chamber Orchestra” as Norman and the WDR article refer to it, but the Russian Chamber Philharmonic St. Petersburg (oder die Russische Kammerphilharmonie St. Petersburg auf Deutsch).

  • It would have been much better if police in Cologne could take care of the criminals who rape women and kill, there are plenty of those in Cologne recently, and these are dangerous, die Russische Kammerphilharmonie St. Petersburg is an excellent group and their bus, I am sure, is not as dangerous. The orchestra’s very limited budget obviously prevents them from acquiring a new vehicle or renting a decent one. Not a big story, but very unfortunate for good musicians.

    • Some of the comments here are ludicrous. Do any of you seriously think the police behaved in any way unreasonably? Defective brakes, missing wheel nuts??

    • As a pedestrian in Cologne, I like to think that buses can stop at intersections. Anyway, I haven’t heard of much in the way of an uptick in murders and rapes.

      And to other comments above, “German” isn’t a race.

  • Not surprising at all after the recent accident in Bavaria that involved a tour buss. Rather large loss of life.

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