Death of Ukulele Orchestra founder, 59

Death of Ukulele Orchestra founder, 59


norman lebrecht

July 26, 2017

The Guardian has an obit for the heroic Kitty Lux, founder of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, which has the great distinction of playing both at the BBC Proms and at Glastonbury.

Kitty made it to the Proms weeks after receiving a kidney transplant.

She leaves quirky memories of an uncategorisable Proms night. They don’t make them like that any more.


  • Pete Parker says:

    So sad… I remember listening to that prom on the radio having heard them previously at the BBC Electric proms with David Arnold and the Kaiser Chiefs…Hilarious, thought provoking and downright moving at times…

  • John scott says:

    So, so sad. I have recently fallen in love withe the uke, and watch the uke orchestra of gb every evening on my tablet. Kitty will be sorely missed.

  • Claire Grandamy says:

    I am French. I’ve been an UOGB fan for years, I saw them here in France almost each time they came, and each concert was always a pure moment of happiness. All UOGB members are wonderfully talented, but I always had a special tenderness for Kitty, who I thought looked like she was secretly fighting against some disease. Unfortunately she really was. Though I was not surprised to hear about her death in July, I‘m deeply sad for her, her friends and family. I’ll do my best to go to the Barbican next January. Love you Kitty, wherever you are. Sorry for my poor English.

  • Steve Mathews says:

    Saw the UOGB in 2014 and 2015 in Overland Park, Kansas USA. Was a You Tube fan long before that. Kitty is irreplaceable. So sad. What a loss! My thoughts are with her family.

  • paul thackeray says:

    absolutely brilliant group I first found them on you tube 6 years ago and have followed them since rip kitty I am sure you are still playing where ever you may be

  • Lynn Robinson says:

    I live in Canada and only found this wonderful ukulele band in 2019. I think it is wonderful and i must admit i listen to them on my ipod to fall asleep at night – beautiful! So sorry about Kitty.