Watch: Dog steals applause at chamber concert

Watch: Dog steals applause at chamber concert


norman lebrecht

June 27, 2017

Posted from Ephesus, Turkey, by the pianist Fazil Say:


  • Alexander says:

    I wish the leading world’s opera houses would have dog’s and cat’s day at least once a year to draw attention to the fact that they are pure love and cannot live without people. Brigitte Bardot is almost the one and only who understands it completely.
    Just my opinion , of course.
    P.S. I mean all leading houses, starting from the most rigid and unbearable like Scala, The Bolshoi and Covent Garden and ending with relatively progressive and flexible Opera de Paris and the Mariinsky ….

  • Lawrence Kershaw says:

    Made my year, let alone my day!! As well as bringing back lovely memories of the most spectacular venue.

  • Alexandra Ivanoff says:

    In Istanbul’s opera house (the Atatürk Cultural Center) in Taksim Square in 2007, I witnessed a performance of Macbeth wherein a black cat walked down the center aisle, meowing as loudly as the diva onstage, who was singing Lady Macbeth’s bloody mad scene. The cat climbed upon the stage, walked right in the front of the diva, who bravely chose to ignore the cat and keep on singing. The whole audience was laughing to the point of tears, and the soprano, bless her heart, later received an especially appreciative curtain call.

    • Alexander says:

      +100 😉

    • OZAN KARASOY says:

      I was there every night, for each performance of Macbeth (working for ACC, 2006-2007). The cat was ‘siamese’, not black. It had been lost for some time (some of us had come to believe it was killed by stage machinery) but showed up most unexpectedly for everybody’s delight!

    • Gwen says:

      Hello Alexandra! This is Gwen, Janet Chisholm’s pianist friend.

  • Ozan says:

    Oh priviliged subscriber!

  • NYMike says:

    Obviously a Mendelssohn fan….

  • Ravi Narasimhan says:

    Clapping during the performance? It’s an outrage.

  • Roger says:

    Two possibilities: Concertmaster’s Lab, or
    Management spy to monitor who is and who isn’t cutting the part.

  • Barbara says:

    Again – could not be played. And still no daily e-mails.

  • Sue says:

    Oh, so they WERE playing Bach!

  • Robert Slagle says:

    I was once at a Hollywood Bowl concert where the soloist was a younger Helene Grimaud. During the adagio movement a couple of cats engaged in progressively louder amour. I’m not sure if it could have been home from the stage. What was probably heard though, what is the audience laughter as the union consummated.

  • Francesca Rudner says:

    This is not a Chamber Concert … Mendelssohn Simphony number 4 ‘Italian’ is not a chamber piece ! Anyway the dog has a very good taste and stayed till the end of the concert …

    • Roger says:

      A chamber orchestra is a small orchestra–cut back string sections and pairs of winds–and if it can play the “Italian” covering all the parts, then, technically, this is a “chamber” concert. They sound pretty good to me.