Met flute is offered his old job back

We hear that Demarre McGill, who failed to retain his seat as acting principal flute in the Met orchestra at a recent audition, has been offered his old job back as principal in the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.

We don’t yet know if he has accepted.

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  • He will definitely find a good chair. Demarre is really popular and gifted flute, so i`m sure he will. And, as i think he will do his best now to show that the latest developments in his career is a mistake. Looking forward to hear him playing again.

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  • First, Seattle is a “good chair.”

    Second, Demarre didn’t “fail.” It’s standard practice at the MET (and other orchestras), when a principal leaves, to hold open the job for a year while the departing person completes probation at his/her new orchestra, and in the meantime hire someone for a year. At the MET, that person almost never ends up winning the permanent job when they have the audition. I suspect because the temporary job is usually awarded to a known quantity but the permanent one is filled through the MET’s renowned blind-all-the way process. I would note that Demarre’s brother Anthony won the principal clarinet job back in 2004 in a blind audition – after (then much better-known) Jon Manasse had it for a year following the departure of Riccardo Morales for Philadephia.

  • I believe that everyone wins in this situation!

    > Mr McGill is a wonderful player and deserves a great job like the SSO.

    > The SSO has a great organizational culture (I was a former member) and a high artistic standard and McGill fits both criteria. And it is a great place to live and raise a family.

    > The MET made a mistake. It happens….

  • Renowned blind audition? Not when I auditioned, in the 1980s, it was pre-fixed, and known to have been so for years. The personnel manager was rushing me to play. The committee was mad at me for not making any mistakes and having to listen to me play everything; they couldn’t wait for me to make a note error, which I finally did on a badly hand-copied part.

  • Luigi…paisano… SHUT THE **** up!!!! I have read some serious crap on this site but your bitching takes the cake.

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