Can Serota save the Arts Council from cronyism and computers?

The prelude to my sermon in this week’s Spectator:

Amid the general political turmoil, a flutter of hope has greeted the arrival of Sir Nicholas Serota as chairman of Arts Council England, an organisation of fading relevance. Sir Nick, grand impresario of the Tate galleries, started life as an Arts Council gofer in 1969, taught to hang pictures by the flamboyant David Sylvester, friend of Lucian Freud, Bacon and Giacometti. Sylvester was one of many outsized brains that fuelled the quango in its heyday. Think Stuart Hampshire, Alan Bullock, Marghanita Laski, Richard Hoggart. No one like that left now. Might Serota signal a revival?

The omens are not auspicious…

Read on here.

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  • Cronyism yes Private Eye do a great job, computers unfortunately no, we are stuck with the damm things.

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