Vienna books Muti & Muti show

Riccardo Muti will conduct Cosi fan tutte at the Vienna State Opera in 2019.

His daughter Chiara Muti will direct.

‘She proved her talent with Manon Lescaut in Rome and Marriage of Figaro in Naples and Bari,’ says Papa Muti to the Italian press.

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  • a new item on your punch list ( I forgot to put Gergiev there last time) … wait for complaints from the kids of his orchestra ( possible themes – salaries, bad treatment, tyranny … and don’t forget , Norman, Papa watches you closely 😉

    • If only he promoted his son-in-law as much as his daughter. Muti has yet to conduct his son-in-law in a concerto with either Chicago or Vienna, the two top orchestras he is most closely associated with. (Frankly, of the pair, the son-in-law is the more talented one. Shhh.)

      • David Fray is an exceptional pianist! I always thought Chiara was an actress/model, so I’m not sure how she’s qualified to direct opera. Naive statement?

  • It’s likely to be a long night, knowing Muti’s aversion to cutting anything at all (the recitatives are considerably shortened more often than not, and at least one aria often disappears!)

  • Much better the conductor picks the stage director, than the other way around.
    Even though, in general, parents should not shamelessly promote their kids like that, unless it’s their own money paying the bills.

  • Speaking of famous daughter directors of even more famous fathers of Italian descent, I’d love to see Sophia Coppola direct an opera and broadcast live in movie theaters. Peter Gelb?

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