Unknown works by major composer found in Buenos Aires trash bag

The Rio newspaper O Globo reports that rare and unknown works for guitar by the Brazilian composer Francisco Mignone – second in importance to Heitor Villa Lobos – were found in a rubbish dump in Buenos Aires in 2009.

They have just come to light as a result of being cited in a doctoral dissertation.

This appears to be a world premiere performance.

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  • Really nice music. The waiting is now for a major work by an unknown composer who was found in a rubbish dump.

  • These pieces have existed as a bassoon quartet and have been frequently performed. Not a premiere, except as guitar duo. Mignone loved the bassoon, partly through his friendship with French bassoonist, Noel Devos, who made his career playing and teaching in Rio for decades. So nice to hear Mignone’s music featured here.

    Barry Stees
    Assistant Principal Bassoonist
    The Cleveland Orchestra

  • Mignone is certainly one of the greatest of all Brazilian composers. Although, this “new work” in the video is an arrangement of a work for piano, so it isn’t entirely unknown. Here is a recording on performed by Mignone himself (and sounding a semitone higher than it should):


    The other works may also be arrangements from the piano versions as well.

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