Label news: Decca to rush-release Cliburn winners

The US wing of the British label, rebranded Decca Gold, has arranged to record all three medal winners at this year’s Van Cliburn Competition. The CDs will be out within a fortnight of the final.

In a separate development, has announced it will livestream the competition worldwide.

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  • That means we can doubtless look forward to the issuance on this label of recordings no. 380 to 382 (or thereabouts) of Rachmaninoff’s Third Piano Concerto, and other hackneyed-to-death pieces.

    • Your guess on Rach 3 recordings is a bit high but point taken. I have documented just over 220 recordings to have appeared on shellac, vinyl, CD, SACD or DVD, 83 of which have been issued since April of 2000.

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