Brussels opera boss wins third term

Brussels opera boss wins third term


norman lebrecht

April 13, 2017

Peter de Caluwe, modernist director of La Monnaie opera in Brussels, has received a contract renewal for a further six years, taking him to 2025.

He has run the Monnaie with a tone of high seriousness on ever-tighter budgets for the past ten years.


  • Fred says:

    indeed OMG, BUT BUT nothing has been signed and nothing has been officially confirmed, so there is still some hope left !!!
    Don’t know where Norman got his news from

  • Is this the genius responsible for staging Il Trovatore 50 years into the future with all of the dramatis personae in one room and the corpse of Ferrando left on the floor for half of the opera?

    • Fred says:

      yep and responsible for much more shit on stage….again Norman’s source ‘bruzz’ is a pr stunt probably issued by the director to ‘force’ his appointment by the federal government.
      Pathetic gesture and unnecessary. While ‘the board’ has supported him there is no official appointment as yet. So there may be some hope left for another nitwit to do even worse:)
      I had to suffer almost three decades of Audi madness. He’s now in aix, how on earth do these people always finds jobs, the subsidized cultural world is SICK, that’s why it’s losing its public so drastically.

  • Babines Rouges says:

    Lulu’s staging featuring Barbara Hannigan was quite worth to see, I enjoyed it a lot and would like to say that this director is not only bad. Isn’t the worst thing about Brussel’s Opera House its musical direction?