Britain’s best composer is running the London Marathon

Well-known composers are, as a rule, either old or unfit.

So it’s a thrill to report that Mark Anthony Turnage will be running the London Marathon next Sunday in support of the Brain and Spine Foundation.

Mark, who is 56, is renowned for the operas Greek and Anna Nicole. Help his cause if you can.

Turnage by Betty Freeman/LebrechtMusic&Arts

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  • It would be interesting to know how it was decided that MAT is Britain’s best composer… By running, jumping, throwing…?

    • In a side wing of Buckingham Palace there is a small cabinet, where the tables of ‘best composers’, ‘best playwrights’, ‘best painters’, ‘best female fake bed creators’ and ‘best destroyers of Britain’s city scapes’ are kept and updated every morning at 06.00 AM by the Royal Chancellor of Secret Reputations. It’s a hard job since the list changes all the time. I know this because my PA has a friend who keeps the garden of the neighbour of this Chancellor, and occasionally they chat over the fence.

    • I always run marathons incognito, and have as yet not been found-out because my trick is to run another route from the official one.

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