Mikhail Pletnev: I do not listen to other musicians

From a rare new interview with the Russian pianist and conductor:

Do you read reviews of your concerts?

– No.

Why do you prefer to sit in a chair at the piano and not on a stool?

– Back ache. If I get tired – I can lean back and relax a bit.

Do you go to concerts of other artists? If so, which ones?

– I do not go.

– Did you watch the last Tchaikovsky Competition?

– No.

Full interview here (in Russian).


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  • Hope readers of Russian can let us non-Russian readers in on what gives. I hope I’m wrong, but the English-language promo or trailer here does not appear promising for “revelations”. Schnabel always used a chair, as did Myra Hess and, no doubt, others.

  • The last question is: “Can you name one or two scores that you would take to a desert island?”. His answer: “To a desert island I would rather take some fishing equipment and maybe a rifle too. Scores would not be very useful there.”. A barrel of laughs.

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