Arise, Sir Bryn

Arise, Sir Bryn


norman lebrecht

March 07, 2017

The Queen today knighted a bass-baritone.

photo: PA pool



  • Nina says:

    Congratulations, Sir Bryn!

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    I wish people would pronounce his name correctly. It’s Ter as in terrible and vel as in velcro. Not turfel.

  • John Borstlap says:

    So well-deserved… one of the greatest voices of our time. And without the oppressive roaring that renders some male voices unbearable.

  • Alexander says:

    read the head of the topic 😉 … should we say him at Easter “Bryn is risen” or what ? 😉

  • Peter says:

    That picture creates ideas. Can’t she offer the same honor to that orange wig in the White House? And when the sword is on his shoulder, quick, off with his head. 🙂

    • Alexander says:

      what a bloodthirsty you are, sir 🙂

    • Olassus says:

      President Trump would never kneel and is in any case already head of state and therefore Her Majesty’s equal.


      • Peter says:

        Head off state. Hehe.

        Head of a failed state anyway.

        British legal POV always was that the Declaration of Independence was illegal. (which it in fact was) so the Queen has the choice to treat the US President as a subject below her.

  • Jaybuyer says:

    Will he be able to get a better table at restaurants now?