And they’re selling Jascha Heifetz’s bits, too

And they’re selling Jascha Heifetz’s bits, too


norman lebrecht

March 21, 2017

A rare picture of the great violinist visiting Israeli in 1950, seen here at the home of its first prime minister, David Ben Gurion.


The tour ended in near-disaster when Heifetz was physically attacked by a man who objected to him playing music by Richard Strauss, former head of the Nazi Reichsmusikkamer.

Heifetz did not return to Israel for almost 20 years.

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  • esfir ross says:

    On this visit to Israel Jasha Heifetz was booed for playing Richard Straus violin sonata. Composer wrote it at age 17 way before Hitler era that RS keep working and didn’t opposed.

  • James Inverne says:

    Funny, I thought I’d left this comment before but it seems not to have got through – anyway happen to know that the man who attacked Heifetz felt very guilty for the rest of his life and apparently never quite got over what he had done. Not that that excuses him, but it’s as well to know, perhaps.

  • Bill Watson says:

    It was on his third tour of Israel, in 1953, that Heifetz played the Strauss piece and was attacked; not in 1950.