America’s top choir college will be made homeless next week

America’s top choir college will be made homeless next week


norman lebrecht

March 22, 2017

Our latest insider report on the plot to dispossess America’s foremost choral university:

The board of trustees of Rider University will vote on whether or not to sell Westminster Choir College’s campus on the morning of Tuesday March 28th, 2017.

Rider University President Gregory Dell’omo is making a concerted effort to see that Westminster’s campus is sold. The Rider University AAUP chapter (the faculty union) will introduce a vote of “no confidence” in President Dell’omo and his administrative team at their April meeting. President Dell’omo’s wish to see Westminster’s campus sold has also been chided by former Governor of the State of New Jersey Thomas Kean.

At this juncture, our only hope is for the board of trustees to have the foresight and sense not to vote to sell the campus. They have been cautioned not to speak to anyone (including each other) about how they plan to vote, so as to give no early warning sign of what may happen at the vote on Tuesday.

But of the 27 voting members on the board of trustees, only four are Westminster Choir College graduates.

Rider University President Gregory Dell’omo has been quoted as saying that Westminster Choir College has a local/regional reputation at best. President of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower thought otherwise in this 1956 message:

“To the young men and women of the Westminster Choir celebrating the beginning of their world concert tour, I send greetings. You have been chosen to represent America. As cultural ambassadors, you are showing the countries of the world how Americans can sing and, also, how Americans can listen and learn. You will return home with a new understanding of other nations even as you take them a new appreciation of our musical heritage. In this exchange, you will make a real contribution to the peace of the world. Best wishes as you begin this great adventure.” (copy of the telegram attached)