Hallelujah! Now for cello solo

Hallelujah! Now for cello solo


norman lebrecht

February 13, 2017

The latest manifestation of Leonard Cohen’s mighty anthem is in an arrangement for solo cello and strings by Tom Hodge. Sheku Kanneh-Mason recorded it at Abbey Road and gave a first live whirl at the Bafta awards.

We think it might catch on.


  • Jaybuyer says:

    Was really moved by this last night. I thought the sound was a bit ‘full’ for solo cello, but now you mention string accompaniment (which wasn’t visible in the RAH gloom) it makes sense.

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Museart says:

    I thought you are not a huge fan of crossover… A very nice arrangement of this beautiful song played very nicely by everybody.

  • Deepika says:

    Beautiful. Waiting to buy the disc.

  • Rich Patina says:

    A gorgeous arrangement of a beautiful song. Thanks…I needed this!

  • Liana says:

    This is beautiful! Where can I get the arrangement?

  • Teresa Greenley says:

    Also interested in buying the sheet music for this arrangement!

  • Rebecca says:

    I’m a cellist and would love to access the arrangement. Lovely piece!
    I love singing this with the choir but playing a cello arrangement would be wonderful!

  • Terri Taylor says:

    Also interested in purchasing the arrangement

  • Simon says:

    Did anyone manage to find out if you can buy the arrangement? I have a friends wedding in May I’d like to play this for them

  • Jackie says:

    Is the sheet music available yet?

  • Niels Halse says:

    I should very much like to buy a copy of this beautiful arrangement! Is that possible? Niels Halse Denmark

  • Gisela Geiger says:

    Yes, I would love to purchase Tom Dodge’ arrangement as well. Has it been published yet?
    Gisela Geiger

  • Larissa says:

    Did anyone find sheet music for this yet?

  • Leah says:

    As everyone else is doing, I am also looking for the sheet music for a friend’s wedding. Any one find where to purchase it yet?

  • nats says:

    Also looking for sheet music of this arrangement

  • Isabelle says:

    Hello! Did anyone find the music to this? Thanks!

  • Loved the video. Where can I buy an this arrangement? I do a Yom Shoah service at a local synagogue each year with instruments rescued from a concentration camp.