Hallelujah! Now for cello solo

The latest manifestation of Leonard Cohen’s mighty anthem is in an arrangement for solo cello and strings by Tom Hodge. Sheku Kanneh-Mason recorded it at Abbey Road and gave a first live whirl at the Bafta awards.

We think it might catch on.

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  • Was really moved by this last night. I thought the sound was a bit ‘full’ for solo cello, but now you mention string accompaniment (which wasn’t visible in the RAH gloom) it makes sense.

  • I thought you are not a huge fan of crossover… A very nice arrangement of this beautiful song played very nicely by everybody.

  • I’m a cellist and would love to access the arrangement. Lovely piece!
    I love singing this with the choir but playing a cello arrangement would be wonderful!

  • Did anyone manage to find out if you can buy the arrangement? I have a friends wedding in May I’d like to play this for them

  • I should very much like to buy a copy of this beautiful arrangement! Is that possible? Niels Halse Denmark

  • Yes, I would love to purchase Tom Dodge’ arrangement as well. Has it been published yet?
    Gisela Geiger

  • As everyone else is doing, I am also looking for the sheet music for a friend’s wedding. Any one find where to purchase it yet?

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