Watch now: Opera stars join in the Hillary counter-inauguration

Opera singers will come together tomorrow to honour Hillary Clinton, while Donald Trump is being sworn in.

Glen Roven has set two Clinton speeches to music to be sung by Patricia Racette, Nathan Gunn, Isabel Leonard, Lawrence Brownlee, Matthew Polenzani and others.

‘Setting Hillary’s words was a very emotional experience,’ said Glen Roven. ‘Phrases that fly by in a speech are naturally elongated in a musical setting, and as I set each word, slowly and methodically I was in tears. When I mentioned this project to these singers, their immediate response was, ‘I’m in.”

Here’s a preview, just released to Slipped Disc.

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  • Jim Ratliff says:

    Oh God, you people make a laughing stock of the art. Well, continue on snowflakes.

  • Olassus says:

    Shame on Patricia Racette, Nathan Gunn, Isabel Leonard, Lawrence Brownlee and Matthew Polenzani. They should go and live where transitions are not peaceful the way ours is — say, in Gambia — and there learn the point of the ceremony.

  • r w says:

    They say it ain’t over till the fat lady sings

    Well…..Hillary here she is.

  • ML/NJ says:

    Let’s have the full list of singers associated with this. I’m sort of an opera regular, paying up to $400 a ticket to attend and I’d rather not offend these singers with my attendance at one of their performances.

  • Sebastian Petit says:

    Shame on you. Firstly for supporting a fascist like Trump. But, more importantly, for trying to deny others the right to express their views because they differ from yours!

  • Chuck Sampson says:

    Finally–the “art” of Florence Foster Jenkins has been surpassed.

  • Nanc says:

    No artist will speak out with any opinion other than against the President elect and his family and team, as they know they will be bullied, a la BDS – that there is a militant lack of tolerance for any other opinion. It is banal, counter productive to encourage, to write about one view, it builds walls not understanding, and healing is through an ability to listen and understand others.

  • Anon says:

    What isn’t peaceful about this? I cannot understand why anyone would be so offended by this piece. This is EXACTLY what art is for. Bravi to those involved in this project.

  • Marg says:

    Joyce DiDonato was smart to call in sick after giving this some thought.

  • Larry says:

    Can’t watch at work. What Melody did they use for “I don’t recall”?

    How about, “I never sent, nor received, emails marked classified”?

  • DESR says:

    Is this a joke?

  • Lorilee Bland says:

    I will continue to support these exceptional performers. The Dallas Opera has been privileged to have such fine talent grace the Winspear Opera House and other area concert halls. I have enjoyed their talent in the past and look forward to attending any of their performances in this area in the future.

  • Speight Jenkins says:

    I am proud of every one of those singers, who are among the greatest American singers today. Tomorrow is a shocking day for the United States. The election of Donald Trump is something to be deplored in every possible way. And as for Joyce Di Donato rethinking her participation. I’m sure the only reason she is not there is because she is sick.

  • Dana Murdock Banks says:

    I could not take more than “My follow Amercians” ugh. Don’t tell Hilary about this disgrace.

  • Mike Schachter says:

    This is not as entertaining as the assembly of “stars” singing “I shall survive”. As they are multi-millionaires many times over I am sure they will, unless their expensive drug habits intervene.

  • BillG says:

    Point the first, just think if they’d put that much effort in campaigning for her in say Wisconsin they wouldn’t have to be holding the runner up-athon.

    Point the second, After watching protestors last night on TV I am reminded of a wonderful turn of phrase by a reporter on the Economist. He was covering a climate summit in Copenhagen. He observed that being a waste
    of time except for the “. . . Excellent truncheon work by the Danish plod on
    the smellies. . . “

    • pooroperaman says:

      ‘Point the first, just think if they’d put that much effort in campaigning for her in say Wisconsin they wouldn’t have to be holding the runner up-athon.’

      Quite. Or if all those women, blacks and hispanics hadn’t preferred Trump despite the constant relentless negative campaigning against him.

  • Nick says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW!

    What a list of reactions, name callings, Left moralizing and simple rude stupidity! Needless to say, none of these singers are real “stars”. Let them do what they want. The country is NOT with them. REAL stars would not dirty themselves with a candidate under FBI investigation. And they did not.

    As for these few, let them sing and compose their own blurb, it does not affect anything and does not touch anybody.

  • Peter Vennewitz says:

    Speight Jenkins said it all. I am proud of these singers and Glen Roven.

  • Nick says:

    These operatic people (so called “stars”) are poor schnooks! Wake up! Embrace the reality. It is much better than your utopian hopes!

  • Music and Arts Lover says:

    These great singers are very brave. I am surprised all the same that the reaction in this blog is so negative. I would have never expected it from music lovers, and delivered with such aggression.

    • Jim Ratliff says:

      We do enjoy fine music and the work and dedication it takes to produce it. But it is no different that a great plumber or mechanic, I appreciate them as well. I don’t need my mechanic telling me his political views nor my plumber outlining why he hates my candidate in solder on the floor.

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