There are roles for sale at Opera Australia

From Conde Nast Traveller:

Opera Australia, the country’s national opera company, is making it possible to experience the iconic Opera House and the classic art form from the most spectacular vantage point of all—the stage. For around $3,630 USD, you’ll get to visit the Opera Australia studio where a costume dresser will fit you with a handmade costume and the show’s Assistant Director will walk you through what will happen on stage. Then, on the night of the performance, you will enter with the cast via the stage door and report to hair and makeup to be transformed into your character (fancy wig included). The big moment comes when you get to join the chorus on stage in front of an audience of 1,500 people, including a guest of your choice who will also attend the performance as part of the package.


Not you?

More here.

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  • So for nearly $4000 AUS you can be a supernumerary? They used to actually pay people to do that. A lot less than $4000, it must be said, but still…

  • I once saw a production of Ariadne auf Naxos (in Seattle) where the 2nd half had 10-12 regular people as the onstage “audience.” I think they were donors; don’t know if the seats were for sale as such.

      • Read the full article (link is in Norman’s para). In particular: “The walk-on-role opportunity is the latest example as Opera Australia works to bring a new cool to opera. While brainstorming and producing elevated experiences that will appeal to different and younger audiences …….”

        • And what about using the profits to finance some serious “music appreciation”? Remember that old-fashioned concept?
          Or will any leftover cash go towards refilling Lyndon’s cocktail cabinet?
          Cheers mate.

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