New record for Slipped Disc

December 2016 was a record month for this site in which we broke through the 1.5 million barrier.

More than 1,522,000 readers visited www.slippedisc.con over the course of December.

2016 was also a record year, with 15.5 million readers and a much-increased advertising volume.

We have major plans for 2017 but first we’d like to thank all our readers for their attention, all our commenters for their contributions and all our partners – editorial and commercial – for their invaluable assistance.

It’s your site. We can’t succeed without you.

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  • Congratulations and best wishes!

    But where is dear Milka? Have I simply missed her/his/its comments, or has she/he/it been banned from this site for overuse of ‘baloney’ and other sins too preposterous to mention?

  • Bravo Norman,
    I can’t get through the day with out a dose of Slipped Disk. It renews my faith that Classical Music is alive. Reading the New York Times only confirms that is it dying on this side of the pond,


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