Beecham’s Marguerite has died, aged 98

Beecham’s Marguerite has died, aged 98


norman lebrecht

January 05, 2017

Forumopera reports the death of Georgette Boué, known as ‘Geori’, star of Sasha Guitry’s film Malibran and hand-picked by Sir Thomas in 1947 for a recording of one of his favourite operas, Gounod’s Faust.

She was married to the baritone Roger Bourdin, who died in 1973.


  • John Richmond says:

    One day when I was about 12 (52 years ago), I happened to pull an ancient-looking LP from the shelves where my parents kept their somewhat oddly diverse collection of recordings. I knew almost nothing about opera. But the LP was excerpts from Beecham’s ’47 Faust. I fell in love. It’s a wonder I didn’t drive my parents to distraction (?maybe I did?–but they didn’t stop me) by playing “Faust” umpteen times. The soloists are not always ideal, I suppose, but they seemed, in retrospect, oh-so-French. So, R.I.P., Geori-Boue.