The worst Christmas medley ever?

Soprano: Natalia Ushakova,
Mezzo: Vesselina Kasarova,
Tenor: Dmitry Korchak
Baritone: Sebastian Huppman


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  • It’s not frightfully important, but the photo over the headline is the Vienna State Opera, while the Video seems to be from the Konzerthaus. We don’t want to give people the idea the Opera might be behind this … 🙂

  • It’s like opera singers taking themselves off, trying to be pop singers … They all sound and look like fishes out of water but probably got thousands for doing it to pay the mortgage … ugh! And it doesn’t last too long either …

  • OMG. That’s even better (worse?) than the “Three Tenors Christmas.” Also from the Vienna Konzerthaus; seems to be a thing over there.

  • Embarrassing beyond belief!! There are obviously people living in Vienna who are NOT music-lovers!! (Think “Eurovision”!)

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