Corporate lawyer makes recital debut at Carnegie Hall

The American Lawyer website introduces us to Marie-Joe Abi-Nassif, a mezzo-soprano who will give a voice-and-piano recital tomorrow night at Carnegie’s smaller Weill Hall.

Marie-Jo works in capital markets at Latham & Watkins while continuing her voice training at Juilliard.

Full story here.

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  • Sure, but you neglected to notice the important detail: this concert is presented by the artist, not by Carnegie Hall. Does that make it the same?

  • In reading this, one should be aware that there are no “capital markets” left. Transactions consist of central bank interventions using money created out of thin air, and computer algorithms trading against each other by chasing minute price changes in nanosecond time frames.

    With that backkground, all hail to Marie-Jo for seeking a more meaningful occupation.

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