Collection points for refugees set up at London concert halls

Collection points for refugees set up at London concert halls


norman lebrecht

December 04, 2016

The cellist Desmond Neysmith is going to Calais on 7th December to deliver donations to refugees. He has set up collection points at London concert halls and rehearsal venues. The Royal Opera House, Barbican and Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra are also on board.

Here is the list of needed items:

stephen roe refugees

Non-food item needs: – Tents, sleeping bags blankets – Men’s warm waterproof jackets, sizes Small and Medium – Men’s underwear, socks, hats, gloves and scarves. Food item needs:– Vegetables that you can keep like squash and pumpkin – Courgettes, onions, garlic, fresh tomatoes – Spices, especially chili flakes – Big tins of tomato, pureed tomato – Lemon juice – Sea salt, Olive oil, Cooking oil – Milk, Tea

Message from Des: We all lead busy, London based, sometimes hectic lives and our attention can be absorbed with our own life situation and responsibilities. Just getting from one gig to the next and finding the time of have a sandwich in between can be challenging enough! With the best will in the world remembering to “check that suitcase in the loft that may or may not contain my old walking boots and jacket”  can be forgotten and not thought of again in days or weeks.

Having the Convenient Giving Station set up in a high visibility location for at least two weeks gives us all time to forget and be reminded on a daily basis to do what comes naturally to us all. Help others.

We are also supporting a grass roots organisation on the Greek island Lesbos, where around 50,000 people  areliving in tents. These people have given up their lives to move and teach the violin to kids on the island and they need supplies! We are uniquely placed to help this organisation and i particularly hope to see lots things fro the violin list. Anyone can give blankets and socks. Only we have access to this kind of equipment: Violin stuff….. Strings old or new all sizes Cases all sizes Bows all sizes Rosin in no more than three pieces please!! Violins all sizes.


  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    What a wonderful idea I do hope that it is well supported.