Breaking: Jackie Evancho to sing at Trump inauguration

The former child ‘classical’ singer, now 16, announced on television that she will sing the National Anthem for the incoming president.


Don’t all applaud at once.

She is the most commented artist on Slipped Disc.

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  • All these people, from Bocelli to Evancho to Jenkins to Ivanka to Donald, are so appalling, plastic and fake that it makes me nauseous to vomitous. They deserve each other’s company. None deserve our hearing or attention.

    • So this is your first time on this forum. Jackie has been the subject of many articles here, and those articles have received the most comments by a HUGE margin. Google her.

  • There may not be an inauguration if sufficient electoral college voters next Monday buy the CIA spiel about Russia hacking the election. And if the CIA says it is so, then it must be true.

    • That would be quite another “Curveball” the CIA were playing there. Peace with Russia? Never, that means reduced intelligence budgets. No way Don Jose. They knew how to turn around the game during the Clinton presidency, and they know how to do it now.

    • Oh, poor baby…a 14 year old did a concert with a non-union orchestra (as if she has anything to do with that – promoters arrange that stuff). Liberals complain, complain, complain…never happy. Can’t you be happy for anyone? Not even a child who has accomplished much in her life?

      • And what exactly has she ‘accomplished’? Persuaded a lot of gullible people to part with their cash? Good for her! Just what Trump is looking for.

        • Multi Platinum and Gold Albums, youngest solo artist to go platinum, sang for President Obama twice, now will be singing National Anthem at inauguration. And for the Emperor of Japan.
          FIVE albums that debut at #1 on BillBorard Classical Chart. 3 solo PBS Specials, invited to perform as special guest Star at numberious National and International events, and huge charity fundraisers worldwide. Over 125 solo concerts, there is more, but as a part time entertainer, full time student, not a bad beginning.
          And do not doubt that Ms. Evancho is just beginning.

          • Oh, BTW…Since announcing her upcoming engagement to sing for the inauguration, all her albums have skyrocketed in sales and put her #1 on the Classic Billboard charts. Many stores can’t keep up with the stocking of the shelves with her CDs!! Pretty smart move on her management group to accept this invite.

        • Jaybuyer what have you ‘accomplished’?
          Is failing at demeaning the accomplishs of a minor the high point of your life?

      • Oh yeah, sure, like you sore-winner right-wingers are the sheer embodiment of blissfully magnanimous contentment when something goes your way!

      • An underage girl, singing in fault adult style with a pseudo tenor who does not meet basic conservatory standards: musically there is nothing to appreciate. Let’s not get started about Trump’s bigotry or treatment of women. No, I find nothing to enjoy in all that.

      • I think I saw somewhere that President Elect Trump is going to request Ms. Evancho to sing “Nessun Dorma” at the Ball later that night. It’s one of his favorites.

        • ‘One’ of his favourites!! What? Opera arias? $1,000 if he can name the opera it comes from. Sorry, must rush to the sick bucket! (I feel noshious, as our Transatlantic friends say).

  • She is appalling! Absolutely appalling and symbolises and represents so much of what is wrong with the society and the world that we are living in. She is plastic. She is shallow. She lacks musical understanding. She (and particularly her manager) are superficial opportunists and obsessed above all by money and fame. They suit Trump perfectly, as the symbols of what he would imagine a successful and accomplished musician to be. I won’t watch this spectacle, even if you paid me to!

    • Sexist, bigoted, nasty, judgmental; in short, all the things you accuse the Right of being. Well, you know that these were only your own projections.

      Such breathtaking hypocrisy none of us should be surprised about. You’re taking the edge off Christmas for me by making me nauseous – and here I am looking forward to my present: a brand new Mercedes SUV, GLE 350d.

      Listen up; only nasty people who resent everybody speak the way you do!!

  • To hear some of the commentary in these parts, you would think some expect no one to agree to sing for Trump.

    And if they do, to be compelled to cancel under the weight of bien pensant opinion.

    Nope. The world still turns…

    And (sadly) I fear Mr Trump will not have tried to get Danny or Martha or Renee along.

  • Thank you Norman for acknowledging that she is the most commented artist on Slipped Disc. I did not expect that.

    • Rob, I thought I was being too tough, too judgmental, but no – this is ghastly. So dull, so monotonous. And ‘expert’ Simon Cowell giving a ‘standing ovation’ and saying ‘bravo!’ to a woman! Is this the great ‘Western Culture’ we are shedding blood to save? Ugh…

    • Stephen, that is just more libatard lies.
      Bocelli called Trump offering to perform if he needed him, but Trump said that wasn’t necessary, but he was welcome at the White House anytime.
      Because of all the garbage being rumored and claimed by the leftist media, Bocelli final replied, stating he was not performing at the inauguration.

  • Jackie Evrancho is certainly a mover and shaker on this forum. She lives rent free in the minds of her haters. Now that is power!!!

  • Now that Jackie Evancho has risen in public interest it is best to save time with the uninitiated and simply point them in the direction of her Wikipedia page. Those who take the time to familiarize themselves with her accomplishments are usually impressed and develop a respect for her resume. Then there are those who find it easier to simply dismiss Jackie knowing they themselves cannot compare to what this young girl has accomplished in such a short amount of time. And never will. Those of us who have followed Jackie’s career so far are amused at the critics and detractors feebly grasping at ways to find fault in the girl, or her continually growing, appreciative fan base. We who know her voice, her music, and especially the audience reactions at Jackie’s performances realize not everyone can or will appreciate Jackie Evancho for the artist she is and the legend she will no doubt become. But we know there will always be new fans every day.

  • Here you have a person, trump, who brags about molesting woman, walking in on teen & adult pageant contestants while they are dressing, brags about not paying workers and you are backing him no condoning his actions. How very, very sad that you have so very little integrity and compassion for your fellow human beings.

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