Senior Putin aide is directing an opera

Sergei Novikov is a Kremlin aide with close access to the president. He is the sole assistant to former prime minister Sergei Kiriyenko who has been charged with securing Putin’s next election victory in 2018.

But Sergei Novikov has a life. He’s an opera buff, especially Russian opera.

According to this report from a not-infallible source, he is putting on four concert performances in Moscow of Dargomyzhky’s Rusalka.

Rusalka is the story of a mermaid who cannot conceive, but ultimately does.

Novikov sees it as a political message in support of his anti-abortion foundation.

As the child in the opera he has cast a girl with Down’s Syndrome.


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    • As we learned from the Clinton campaign, which worked on the same premise, it can work out differently. Maybe Putin is just smart.

        • More’s the pity — but the left are not the shooters or second-amendment wingnuts. It’s the latter whom he is going to disappoint in office, though, once he finds his way around the realities of his new gig — if ever. For the moment it seems as if this “presidency” (cum business opportunities par excellence caper) is going to be run on Twitter and YouTube from the Trump Tower penthouse.

          Don’t expect many opera directors to emerge from his posse.

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