Met replaces Salome

Met replaces Salome


norman lebrecht

November 08, 2016

The American soprano Catherine Nagelstadt has withdrawn from next month’s Salome revival ‘for medical reasons that prevent her from travelling to America as scheduled.’

Her replacement in the title role is Patricia Racette (below), presently singing Salome with Pittsburgh Opera.

patricia racette


  • Simon J Evnine says:

    I saw her do it in San Antonio and, yes, she does get naked at the end of Dot7V

    • Jaybuyer says:

      Now that’s a useful abbreviation! (First thought your predictive text had gone haywire.)

      • Sixtus says:

        In this webbed age perhaps the best abbreviation would be: .7v. And by extension this could be used for .A from Meistersinger and .SPF from the Nutcracker (not to be confused with .PDF).

        • Jaybuyer says:

          Just listened to .A again. Great music. Who said Wagner couldn’t do ‘light’ ? Has .PDF any musical significance? Do tell before it drives me crazy.

  • Andrew Condon says:

    How clothed or not Salome is at the end of the Dot7V is hardly of prime concern in judging a soprano’s interpretation of this seminal work. In the week of her 80th birthday may I salute Dame Gwyneth Jones? Certainly the most stunning Salome in my experience (and lots else besides). She wore a body stocking.

  • Simon J Evnine says:

    ==How clothed or not Salome is..

    Yes, it is important when you’ve been sitting there listening to Herod bleating on. You need a bit of visual reward

  • Alan says:

    Good grief Dame Gwyneth is 80! I remember her body stocking well!

  • Daniel F. says:

    Second big female leading role performer to pack it in at the Met Opera this year. Earlier on, the “Italian girl,” originally listed to perform that role in “L’italiana in Algeri”–Elisabeth DeShong–called in sick for the entire run. (The sub was passable butfar from thrilling.) A coincidence? Management/agent issue? A House too big, belatedly decided by the singer? Or just bad luck? Hope they can do better with the Salome pinch-hitter.