Danny Boy – as never heard before

A new setting by the pianist and composer Stephen Hough:


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  • This is lovely! Stephen is a dear friend of over thirty years, and I have always been in awe of everything he does, at the piano, and in the writing process. As Rachmaninoff has done with his piano concerti, and Earl Wild as well with his fabulous piano concerto, the ‘Doo-dah Variations’ for Piano and Orchestra, I hope the day will come that there will be works for piano and orchestra by Stephen Hough. A “Concerto for Piano and Orchestra” by Stephen Hough. Yes!

  • Not one to worship everything Jackie Evancho does but her version accompanying a military funeral is tough to outdo.

  • To Jeffrey Biegel: I so agree with your sentiments.
    Years ago, I told Earl Wild that the only younger pianists alive who truly embody the romantic tradition that he espoused was both Stephen Hough and Marc-Andre Hamelin. When I first heard Stephen’s masterful and heartfelt transcriptions of the Roger Quilter songs, so many years ago, I was convinced of his ability to follow in the steps of the great Liszt, Rachmaninoff and others who could realize beautiful renditions of old favorites.
    Stephen’s compositional gifts go further than transcription but embodies, much like Earl Wild and the aforementioned giants of music, the ability to push the boundaries to realize new pianistic vocabularies to evoke new musical expression and perpectives — always with a razor sharp keen intelligence, probing spirituality and humanity that always includes a wry bit of humor as well! That is Genius! Bravo, Stephen!!

    • They are indeed. Add Andrew Gentile to that list. His Broadway Album is like the reincarnation of Chopin and Liszt, and he has done some other wonderful arrangements.

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