Riccardo Muti plays ball in Chicago

Riccardo Muti plays ball in Chicago


norman lebrecht

October 19, 2016

It’s that time of year.



  • Sue says:

    Oh, Muti is just adorable. I’ve seen him twice now in Vienna. He was a good friend of Carlos Kleiber, who once conducted disguised as Boris Becker and another time as the Bhagwan!!!

  • Robin Mitchell-Boyask says:

    This older version of Muti has been a pleasant surprise, but I speak on behalf of many who witnessed his utter lack of humor and excessive seriousness in Philadelphia when I want to grab this impostor and ask: “Who are you and what have you done with Riccardo Muti?” I suspect an alien %)

  • Cyril Blair says:

    It’s a terrible song (much like Happy Birthday) but I must admit I’ve never heard it played better. And maybe it helped because the Cubs won tonight to tie the NLCS at 2-2.

    Some men become curmudgeons as they age, some become cuddly bears. I guess Muti is the latter…

  • Lee says:

    I like Muti and the Cubs.