Watch out for another Petrenko

There’s Kirill, incoming music director of the Berlin Phil.


There’s Vasily, music director of the Liverpool and Oslo Phil.

vasily petrenko

And now there’s Mikhail Petrenko, singing Jacopo Fiesco in Simon Boccanegra at La Scala.

mikhail petrenko

Perhaps we need to number them.


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  • Vaily once told me that Petrenko is a very common name, so perhaps we should expect a profusion on the musical scene! Numbering, though, might suggest qualitative judgements…

  • Misha, certainly not a newcomer, has been for quite some years in the business, noticeably Hunding in the 2007 Aix Festival Walküre (Rattle – BPO), plus many appearances in major opera houses (including the Met). Also juror at the last Tchaikovsky competition.

  • I particularly like Vasily and his work with the Oslo band!! There’s a magnificent U-Tube of them playing the Sibelius Violin Concerto with Josh Bell that I thoroughly recommend.

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