Watch Daniel Barenboim answer his music mail

The conductor deals engagingly with comments and queries in three languages: Spanish, German and (mostly) English.

‘Please continue to send inquiries,’ he concludes. ‘I am very interested in your opinion.’

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    • No, he is not. Judging from more than 100 live performances I have attended, he is one of the greatest conductors alive. For instance, last week’s Bruckner 7 in Paris was quite special. His collaboration with Chéreau – Giovanni, Wozzeck, Tristan – was really outstanding as were his Mahler 9 in Berlin with the Vienna Phil last Easter or a Verdi Requiem with the Scala forces at the Salle Pleyel three years ago.

  • He is one of my favorite persons! Two days ago I thought I’d steal a moment at work to enjoy a little bit of him on YouTube – he was conducting Beethoven’s 9th at the Proms. Anyway, I found that I couldn’t pull myself away, even when I knew my superior r was staring me down. It’s like I didn’t care about anything else; I was a zombie till it ended. Barenboim + Beethoven = (what’s the opposite of boring)

  • I was amazed he brought up some of the lame questions like ‘How do I play as well as you?’

    Where do you send questions – there was something I’d like to pose but couldn’t understand where they go

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