Itzhak Perlman: ‘My dream was always to play with Martha’

The violinist on their record debut, this month:


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  • It’s about time Mr P did something high profile.

    For many years now he’s been touring a lot of the smaller US cities juggling just three or four concertos (whatever happened to the massive repertoire he once had ??)

    Martha will hopefully get him in gear. Can’t wait to hear this

  • Why such impossible dream for I.Perelman? Maybe he was afraid for a long time that she’ll refuse to play with him? His late review’re not so great.

  • Perlman sounds much better here than I’ve heard him of late. I’ve heard his shoulder (and thus his bow arm) was basically wrecked by years of crutches, which might also explain his use of a scooter now. Not likely to see him, now nearly 71, reach his old heights, but good to see him play with someone whose stature ensures he brings what’s left of his “A” game.

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