Germany founds a national doctors orchestra

What does your physician do to relieve stress?

Plays the cello.

In Germany, the doctors have joined up into a Bundesärztekammerphilharmonie.

Opening concert in Hamburg, October 3.

Works by Alberic Magnard, Marko Mihevc and Jean Sibelius, themed ‘An das Leben’.

Photo: Matthew Brunwasser

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  • A “Bundesärztephilharmonie” has been founded already in August 2015. The “Bundesärztekammerphilharmonie” is going to appear on stage for the first time on October 3rd this year. Otherwise their website claims the same founding date and uses partly verbatim the same text as the “Bundesärztephilharmonie”. I wonder whether this is not the same orchestra having already changed their name before their first concert appearance. Perhaps they found their original name unduly short. Aside from this one (or two?) exist a “Deutsches Ärzteorchester” and some 26 more regionally based Ärzteorchester in Germany. There is a long tradition of music making in the German medical professions. Kudos to them!

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