City apologises to arrested opera singer

City apologises to arrested opera singer


norman lebrecht

September 08, 2016

The City of Alexandria in Virginia has issued a public apology to opera singer Krista Clouse, who was arrested last week while busking for a living.

‘I would like to publicly apologize to Ms. Clouse for the way this situation was handled,’ said City Manager Mark B. Jinks.  ‘While we are obligated to enforce certain restrictions, we did not follow the correct procedure in this case.’

krista monique clouse

full press release:
City of Alexandria to Review Noise Ordinances Regarding Street Performers

The City of Alexandria is reviewing noise ordinances regarding busking, following the recent arrest of a street performer.

Shortly before 10 p.m. on Friday, September 2, an Alexandria police sergeant observed Krista Clouse performing near the corner of King and N. Lee Streets in Old Town.  The sergeant informed Ms. Clouse that while she was free to continue singing, she could not use a speaker system without a permit.  After the singer continued to use the speaker system, she was arrested and brought before a magistrate.  The magistrate issued a warrant for a misdemeanor noise violation and released Ms. Clouse pending a trial date.

After reviewing the arrest, the Commonwealth’s Attorney advised the City that this type of noise violation should have first been addressed by a civil notice of violation.  If a written order to cease or abate was thereafter issued, and a person refused to comply with the written order, a criminal arrest would have been appropriate.  As a result, the case will not be prosecuted, and the charge will be dropped.

“I would like to publicly apologize to Ms. Clouse for the way this situation was handled,” said City Manager Mark B. Jinks.  “While we are obligated to enforce certain restrictions, we did not follow the correct procedure in this case.”


  • will says:

    Hmm… why do we NEED to know about this? It’s just sensation-seeking ‘claptrap’!

  • Pissedoffinoldtown says:

    Until it’s YOU that’s in the slammer for expressing yourself. She is being called, aptly, the ‘Rosa Parks of Opera”. If she had been any color other than white, there would have been riots in the streets and hashtags in the millions about how that color’s life matters. Why does her life and VOICE not matter? They wronged her. Period.

    • Respect says:

      The Rosa Parks of opera? Idiocy. And a ridiculous insult to civil rights struggles.
      Obviously, the (terrible) singer posting.
      Congrats on going from dome tool singing on the street to a headline. In a week you’ll return to the former.

      • Larry Clouse says:

        No it wasn’t. But this is her husband. Don’t see you as a finalist at la Scala and personally invited to do so by the casting director there. Petty jealousy! Yawn!

  • Robert Holmén says:

    Musical merits aside, this is an example of how uninformed many police are about the laws they enforce and their inclination to needlessly escalate confrontations.

    • Larry Clouse says:

      The police walked passed 4 loud electric amplifiers to get to the opera singer whose musical accompaniment was on a bluetooth receiver, not visible, in her basket. Her voice, has NEVER< NEVER< NEVER< been amplified. The bluetooth receiver is only the size of a small water bottle and is played mostly for musical cues. You all are disgraceful not to take up for another artist in your genre who works to unites others thought the beautiful form of the art of opera! The elitist snob attitude is why most houses are going bankrupt! She brings music to more that 50,000 people a week in Old Town Alexandria and the nations capital to promote opera and pay medical bills! She sings and brings new patrons to opera that would never really be able nor pay a ticket to go to the opera. More than 1,000 per year have told her of developing a taste for opera and going to the opera because of her efforts. NOW!!! We simply can't have that as all the big houses in the world go bankrupt and the art is thrown to the curb by other genres. You think because she is not on a met stage that she is some terrible wannabe. Oh are you soon wrong! Maybe a few of you on this forum need to pull your head out and get with the program! The DC activists for civil rights came up with the Rosa Parks comment and we are honored to be accepted by that community that has worked so hard to fight for and maintain their rights. Opera is not for the elite only. I recall a crazy composer named Beethoven that emancipated and brought music from the aristocracy to the common people as he understood well! You dusty, arrogant Baroque type elitist thinkers and snobs, destroy the future of this great art and most cannot even compete!

  • Luigi NoNoNo says:

    If she is an opera singer, why does she need amplification? Shut her down.

    • Larry Clouse says:

      She does not use amplification of the voice EVER!!!!!!!! It is a small bluetooth speaker with orchestra cues. Trust me her voice can be heard 6 to 7 blocks away on her High C. She won’t dare EVER use a mic unless in a studio recording! The mic they made her where for the news was to record her, not amplify! Sad comment, sir! Judgmental idiots not supporting their own art! Sad!

  • Gerald Martin says:

    Good for Alexandria. An apology is a rare and precious gift and should not be squandered by the recipient.